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Special Ingredients

All our soaps are designed to cleanse gently and include oils and rich butters to leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. We make no medical claims for our soaps, but there are some ingredients which many people believe are helpful for certain skin issues -- activated charcoal powder for helping oily skin, oatmeal for soothing irritated skin, salts or sugar for exfoliation, etc.

We put soaps with botanical elements (such as dandelion root powder, nettle leaf, jewelweed, or herbs), various clays, oatmeal, aloe, beer, and honey in this category. This is also where those of you who prefer your soaps without added fragrance will find your fragrance free bars!

For those of you who need to Avoid a particular ingredient, we ask that you PLEASE read the ingredient descriptions carefully. Sadly, no soap will suit everyone. We list ingredients on our website for each of our products and on our labels. If you have any questions about ingredients that may be of concern to you, please send us an email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Zesty Juniper Berry & Orange

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