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Cocoa Bear

$4.00 $6.50

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We were tempted to name this fellow "cave bear," since his dark background makes us think that he's poking his head out of a dark cave, early in the spring. His features may be a little harder to see, but his scent is impossible to miss -- Hot Cocoa! A sad truth of soap making is that some of the richest, most luscious scents cause soaps to darken, but in this case the trade-off is So worthwhile. This is hot cocoa made with the sweetest, most delicious of dark chocolates!

These bars are made with saponified olive, organic coconut, sustainable palm, almond, and castor oils, with shea butter, kaolin clay, tussah silk, and sugar, for extra richness, silky lather, and generous bubbles! Each bar weighs at least 5.75 ounces.