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Dino Island Bubble Bombs


We have run out of stock for this item.

Bath bombs topped with solid bubble bath topped with... dinosaur finger puppets! Could anything be better? We thought not. These can be used for at least two baths, since the bubble topping and bath bomb come apart easily and can be used at different times. These dinosaur bath and bubble bombs are scented with "Fruity Rings," which smells a whole lot like a certain colorful fruit ring cereal. Total weight for each is at least 6.5 ounces.

Dinosaurs are either blue, orange, or green and color mailed will be random. Unless you contact us by email or through the website, in which case we will try to send what you'd prefer!

For best results, separate the base from the bubble bath topping. Place bath bomb in warm bath water for delightful fizz, foam, and fragrance. Place bubble bath in the organza bag provided and hold it underneath the stream of water for lovely fragranced bubbles! Enjoy the dinosaur.

 These bath and bubble bombs aremade with citric acid; baking soda; SLSa; coconut milk powder; cream of tartar; kaolin clay; cornstarch; cocoa butter; polysorbate 80; liquid vegetable glycerin; rubbing alcohol; avocado oil; cocoamiopropyl betaine; phthalate free fragrance oils; FD&C lakes and dyes; and skin safe micas.