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Scrub & Lotion Shower Bars: They've got everything! - Tanglebrook Soapery

Scrub & Lotion Shower Bars: They've got everything!

Dry, flaky skin?

When you have dry, flaky skin you know what you need and you Don't need a skin care company to tell you. 

  • you need to scrub off that dry skin with some sort of exfoliator
  •  you need to moisturize

Simple. The issue actually is finding Time to take care of your skin. And that's where our Scrub & Lotion Shower Bars come in!

These little bars are used in the shower (or bath) and they get both those jobs done, no muss or fuss.

So, what's a Scrub & Lotion Shower Bar?

Scrub & Lotion Shower Bars combine an exfoliating scrub with a buttery rich lotion bar. In your warm shower or bath they emulsify (combine with water), becoming an indulgent, foamy body scrub, leaving your skin moisturized and soft -- no need to apply lotion after bathing!

You can buy combination scrubs and lotions in jars, but they come with extra packaging, a lid to unscrew, and so forth. Our little bars are simple, low packaging, and they'll sit on a soap rack between uses (you can expect to get anywhere from 5-15 uses from a bar, depending on how you use it).

So, what's in these bars?

The main ingredient is cocoa butter. It creates a nice hard bar that won't melt quickly, and it's super soothing for your skin. Also shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, exfoliants... 

And speaking of exfoliating ingredients, our different bars include a range of scrubby additives, so be sure to consider how abrasive a scrub you want! For rough knees and elbows you might like a heavy duty scrub, but for arms or back maybe you'd prefer something more gentle. 

Please note that these are not intended for facial use (too rough) or on the bottoms of your feet (you might slip!).

Back to ingredients, though. A picture sometimes explains things more clearly than words, so here's a picture with words to explain all the good stuff that goes into our Scrub & Lotion Shower Bars!

Honey Almond Scrub & Lotion Shower Bar
Tanglebrook Soapery
graphic showing the ingredients in a Scrub & Lotion Shower Bar
Tanglebrook Soapery

Pretty cool, eh? 

These are a somewhat heat sensitive product, so we only ship them during cool weather months. (If you are in the Clemmons/Winston-Salem/Kernersville area of NC, though, you will find them in our retail locations or can arrange for local pickup!). Otherwise, they are your perfect, time-crunched-but-want-soft-and-smooth-skin solution!

And that's our Scrub & Lotion Shower Bars! If you have any questions about these or any of our other products please get in touch!

Thanks for visiting!

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