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Cologne Scents/Outdoorsy

Looking to narrow your choices to soaps with traditionally masculine/unisex fragrances? You're in the right category! Here you'll find fragrances that are woodsy/smoky/clean/spicy/etc. We also have green, spicy, and so on fragrances in other categories, but here, at the request of men and customers buying for men, we feature soaps with fragrances marketed for men or as unisex!
Birch Woods - Tanglebrook Soapery
Birch Woods

1 review
Tobacco & Bay Leaf - Tanglebrook Soapery
Tobacco & Bay Leaf

2 reviews
The True Gentleman - Tanglebrook Soapery
The True Gentleman

1 review
The True Gentleman, Mini Soap - Tanglebrook Soapery
Bay Rum Beach - Tanglebrook Soapery
Sold Out
Bay Rum Beach
$6.00 $8.00
Temptation - Tanglebrook Soapery

1 review
Birch Woods, Mini Soap - Tanglebrook Soapery
Sold Out
Highlander - Tanglebrook Soapery
Earth Meets Sky - Tanglebrook Soapery