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*Please note that the prices shown under the sample baskets are minimum possible prices for four to five item gifts. Actual price will be the total of the products you choose -- the basket is free!

Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone special? Do all the gift bundles you see include something your person won't care about? Well, how about designing your own gift basket, choosing only products you know will delight your recipient? With our "Build-Your-Own Gift Baskets, we provide the basket (and the cushioning "crinkle paper") and you choose the products! We'll arrange your gifts nicely, add a gift tag with your message, wrap it with clear shrink wrap, and ship your gift our with great promptness.

Build-Your-Own Gift Basket (Round) - Tanglebrook Soapery
Build-Your-Own Gift Basket (Oval) - Tanglebrook Soapery