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About Us

Welcome to Tanglebrook Soapery! Located in the Village of Clemmons, in beautiful North Carolina, we are dedicated to (obsessed with!) making small batch cold processed soaps with top quality ingredients.

What makes our soap and other bath & body products special, you ask? Well, all of our products are designed and created with one main goal -- to add moments of delight to someone's day. Life can be tough, and we all experience ups and downs, but the simple pleasure of washing up with a beautifully scented handmade soap that offers a rich, sudsy lather is a delight that should be available to everyone. Likewise, bath bombs that fill the tub with bright colors and leave the air lightly scented can erase, if only temporarily, the tensions of a long day. Tanglebrook products are designed to pamper your skin of course, but our greater goal is to add a little joy to your life every single day.

About Our Soaps

Being hand made, each batch of our soap is unique. Colors, scents, and designs will vary from one batch to the next, and even within batches. We do our best to provide detailed descriptions and photographs, to give as close as possible to an "in person" appreciation of each of our products, but please remember that there will always be variations. Our soaps are uniformly made with care, of high quality ingredients, but otherwise each is one of a kind!