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Orange Whipped Body Butter


We have run out of stock for this item.

This stuff is Rich! A luxuriously moisturizing treat for dry fall/winter skin, lightly scented with orange essential oil. Each jar is packed in a pretty drawstring organza bag, along with a small plastic spoon for scooping out your body butter.

And what is whipped body butter, you ask? Well... our whipped body butter is made with shea and cocoa butters; coconut, almond, and avocado oils; orange essential oil; arrowroot powder (providing our butter's smooth, never greasy, feel); and optiphen (a paraben-free, formaldehyde-free preservative). We melt our butters with great care to avoid graininess, and then whip them, along with the oils, into a gloriously thick consistency (imagine the richest whipped cream ever), then we just keep our amazing brute of a KitchenAid going until the mixture is a fluffy, thick whipped "butter"! It really is lovely stuff, and each jar contains at least 4.41 ounces.

We will mention that in hot conditions body butters will melt. They don't need to be refrigerated, but we would not suggest leaving this product on your windowsill or in a hot car. We ship this product only during the cool part of the year, and secure the jar lid with white electrical tape as an added precaution.