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Paint-Your-Own-Bath-Bomb kits -- Two fun activities in One package! - Tanglebrook Soapery

Paint-Your-Own-Bath-Bomb kits -- Two fun activities in One package!

Two Fun Activities for Kids in One Package!

We are always on the lookout for simple, creative activities for the kids in our lives, right? Things that offer a little change of pace and make their eyes light up with enthusiasm! 

Our Paint-Your-Own-Bath-Bomb kits are designed to meet that need by combining two different activities that will delight you and your little ones and are easy to fit into your busy day!

What do our kits offer? 

  • First, everything you need for a craft project! A bath bomb to paint, five cosmetic grade "paints," alcohol to thin the paint, three brushes, clear instructions for use, and a cardboard coaster and tray to keep the mess to a minimum!
  • Second, a bath bomb featuring skin soothing oils, milk, and other gentle ingredients. We use kid friendly scents in these bombs, like Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Rainbow Sherbet, etc. And we fill the bombs with brightly colored embeds so that when they are put in the tub they offer a gorgeous show of colors!

A few of our Best Selling PYO Bath Bomb kits...

Check out our PYO Bath Bomb collection for new Designs

We update our PYO kit collection throughout the year with new & seasonal designs. If you don't see what you were looking for, be it pirate ship, dinosaur, fairy, or... well, there are a Lot of options, just get in touch! We might be able to make something just right for you in a week or two!

Pirate ship bath bomb with paints, brushes, and instructions

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