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The Perfect Size Soap for Your Sink! - Tanglebrook Soapery

The Perfect Size Soap for Your Sink!

What Size Soap Bar Should Sit By Your Sink?

Maybe this sounds a little silly, but having a bar of soap that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand may promote more thorough hand washing. A full sized bar is perfect for the tub or shower -- you can more quickly lather up your wash cloth or use the "direct to the skin" method. A little bar might feel... well, skimpy.

For beside your sink, however, a smaller size soap can be more comfortable to pick up, dash under the stream of water, and create that warm, silky foam that will leave your skin soft and gently cleansed.

Now, you don't Need a special bar for by the sink. You can cut a big bar of soap in half (we've recommended this to customers who've mentioned that handmade soaps tend to be large). But, at Tanglebrook we now offer mini soaps along with full sized bars! 

Our mini soaps come in our most popular varieties, same skin-pampering ingredients and all. They are half the size of our full sized bars, and half the price. This makes them a great way to try out new fragrances as well as enjoying their "fit-in-your-palm" size. Also, really nice for small gifts

I'm no hand model, but just for purposes of demonstration, here's the size of one of our mini soaps (this is Birch Woods, a lovely goat milk soap!) in my very average sized hand!

A hand holding a bar of soap in a sink

Interested in Trying a Sink Size Soap?

Hey, sometimes it's the little Things!

I'll be the first to admit that the size of a soap bar is not an issue of cosmic significance. But... 

our company is about making life better in little ways. A bar of soap with a lovely fragrance that catches your attention for a moment and helps you pause, smile, and relax a little. A lotion that glides onto your skin in such a silky way that you remember that you Are worth some special care. A bath bomb that fills your tub with bright, beautiful colors and gentle, skin softening oils. 

And maybe even a little bar of soap that fits just right in your hand. 💕

Citrus Sunshine mini soap, made with goat milk

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